Monday, March 11, 2013

Scentsy and scentsy wannabes

Nothing makes me happier...ok some things do...but I enjoy walking into our apartment and being hit by a lovely fragrance. We have 4 wax warmers in our 2 bedroom apartment.

Tennessee, star and brown - actual Scentsy, Green - WalMart Better Homes and Gardens

A bit much maybe but eh... I usually have 3 of them the same fragrance or that's the goal. The one in the living room, my bathroom, and second bedroom/office are usually the same scent and a clean fresh one. In J's bathroom which is connected to our bedroom, I usually have a lavender scent because it is good for restlessness and insomnia. However, we don't have either of those but anything to enhance sleepy time is good by me. Today, I ran into Wal-Mart on the way home and picked up some new scents. I will buy actual Scentsy wax from time to time but Wal-Mart is convenient and cheaper. I found some new smells that I really liked.

Tranquil Garden Spa reminds me of the few times I've gotten a massage. I put that one in my bathroom. Tropical Plumeria Petals may be too girls for J but its not overly flowery and nice and spring like. I put that in my office and living room. Warm Rustic Woods is very masculine and perfect for J's bathroom. I have a nice stock for awhile and had a smile on my face when I walked in from the gym this evening cause it smelt amazing.


  1. I love scentsy too!!! I will have to try that Warm Rustic Wood... that's what she said. ha

    Do you think the walmart brands last just as long ?

  2. Warm rustic wood sounds like my twilight woods from it!!