Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Does It Really Matter...

- I didn't eat any meat today.
- Worked on making some non slip bands tonight...again addicted. Excited to have additional colors.
- Easter is being marketed like Christmas. Annoying.
- I don't care for the word bestie. It's almost up there with hubby. Barf!! However, my new term is lovation. Urban Dictionary that sh!t to understand.
- I'm not minding the cooler weather since the a/c in the van is not that great. Dread taking it in to be fixed.
- Got a pretty good box/bottle tan going. I love having healthy color.
- Sleepy. Evening naps have been swapped with exercise. But I sleep much better at night. Woop!
- When cooking dinner you must turn on the stove for anything to happen. 5+ mins later...


  1. Nah...none of it matters...ha! Love the CRU Bands!!!

    1. I have ALOT of random thoughts that don't matter.