Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nails are just better painted

I love, love, love having my nails painted. I think a woman just looks more put together with her nails painted, which for some ladies may be an optical illusion but that's a discussion for another day. If I could afford it I would have it done by a salon whenever it was needed but that's just not in the budget. It could be in the budget but I would be eating ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, then I would be on blood pressure medicine for high sodium intake and the cost of medicine would take the salon money. I obviously need to rethink my budget saving methods. So back to my nails...because I can't afford the salon I try doing it myself. I would find tips, products, suggestions in blogs, on Pinterest, from friends but nothing ever worked for me. I would get so frustrated on how much time I would spend for it to chip or smudge less than an hour later. That was until I bought a bottle of Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure. No need for a base coat or top coat. Two coats is all the bottle calls for. The brush is large too which I like. Covers the nail with one swipe. I had a friend ask how long it lasted. For me because I'm messing with carpet samples, in warehouses, just plain using my hands all the time it lasts 2-3 days. But that doesn't bother me at all because the process is so fast to repaint. I have 4 colors right now, a pale pink, nude color, reddish maroon (I just bought for the holidays but haven't used yet) and the color below. I had a customer ask me if I was depressed because my nail color choice was a sign of depression and being authoritative. I said "well it is called commander in chic and no I'm not depressed". He responded, "are you sure?". Really dude?!?!? The things my customers say or do. I could write a book. So anyways if you're looking for a great nail product I recommend the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. And if Santa wants to fill my stocking with more colors I would be one happy lady Christmas morning....happier than I already am cause again no I'm not depressed.


  1. Hmmm? Looks authoritative!!! Ha

  2. I don't think the color looks depressing at all! Your customers totally need to go through an HR class or two.

  3. I think the color has nice classy look to it