Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Christmas ya'll

I've never been one to get overly excited about Christmas and all that comes with it. However, I do decorate to add a little festiveness to our apartment.  The husband gripes about it but I think he secretly likes it.  When I began to think about pulling out the decorations this year I thought "man I'm so tired of my decorations.  I wish I could afford to go and buy everything new." Obviously that isn't realistic and so my solution was to use decorations in a different spot or way.  I added a few things and in the end I really have liked and enjoyed our decorations this year.

The wreath had been on the door but I put it over the fireplace this year and added the poinsettias.  I also added the greenery, ornaments and ribbon to the tall vase beside fireplace which I had never done before.  I got new stockings holders for Jarad and I's stocking.  Petey's stocking in the middle I hung with a small clear command hook.

 When I went looking for something to put on the door I went to probably 5+ stores and everything I saw was either too expensive, ugly, wrong colors...just not right.  So I made my own with a piece of wood from JoAnn's, paint, and a jigsaw.  Up close it has it's flaws.  I need to get sandpaper to smooth the edges, paint the edges and a clear gloss coat over it all.  Maybe that will be done next year because it's been on the door for a couple weeks and Christmas is a week away.

Petey of course needs his Christmas things too and was in need of a new bone.  While at Target I ran across this bone.   Sure there was a smaller one but what's the fun in that.  

One night I was watching one of the many Christmas specials and as Rod Stewart sang Santa Claus is coming to town Petey went over to the fireplace and looked up it as if he was really looking for Santa.

One of my favorite additions is this Fisherman nutcracker that I found at Target. I liked that it has the year on it and who knows he may get a brother/sister next year and the year after and the year after. It was missing the fish which I made out of wood myself.  The missing fish got me a discount on an already on sale item.  Score!!

So we've really enjoyed our decorations this year and will for probably about another week or two. Celebrate the holiday season for what it is to you.  


  1. Love Petey's bone!!

  2. Petey's bone is HUGE! (I'll add Nat's comment..."that's what she said") Decorations look good this year!