Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I know. I know.

I know it's been WAY too long since I wrote anything. I've sat down a couple times to write a post and then life happens. The week after my last post I was busy preparing things for a couple craft fairs. Sold a couple items but most importantly the fairs were in Wisconsin where I got to spend some time with the great Brandy. Getting back from there was a journey all in itself. Let's just say a late flight, missed flight, early flight, option to stay a bit longer for travel voucher (need to visit fam in KY), new plane and then finally home was an event. But with all that I brought home a cold and felt like poo the week after. Was totes worth it though. Then it was Thanksgiving and a visit from family. And now here we are. Apartment is decorated for Christmas. Pics coming soon and time to settle in to the holiday season that is EVERYWHERE. So not that these are great excuses that's what's been happening. So be merry, holly, crabby, scroogey, joyous, funky.....enjoy your holiday season your way and I'll holla at you laters, baby. (oh Fifty Shades...when is the movie coming already?)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Texans Game for the year

Sunday Funday was fun, long, tiring and memorable.  We started to the stadium at 7am and were second in line to get the perfect spot in the lot.

 Little did we know we would be asked to moved by other tailgaters because they had been there for 10 years.  They asked if we minded and I told them we did but we ended up moving and I think had a better spot after all.

While we waited for the gates to open we had to dodge rain drops.  Good thing the rain was short lived and didn't ruin our experience.

We played cornhole, ate and drank for four hours.  I agreed to go to the gym during the week at 5am.  Yea that's not happening.  Took pictures, made friends, drank some more and then it was finally game time.

Of course we talked to random people along the way and also when we got in the stadium.  I'm sure the Bills fans that we went up to didn't think we were that funny when we kept saying "There's something wrong with your shirt/'s a Bill's one and not a Texan's one."

The stadium was full and very loud and we won!!!! Of course.

Then we get back to the truck won't start.  Our new friend tried to jump us and his Nissan wouldn't start the Ford.  And then the truck starting geeking out and the keys were inside.  They were then locked inside with the clicker.  Great.  So we found guest service and police men.  Broke into the truck and then a measly jump box started the truck when a Nissan wouldn't.  After being there the rest of the afternoon, first ones in parking lot and last ones out, we were headed to eat a little Mexican to end the day oh fun.  So as we are cruising down 610 a guy pulls up beside to tell us we had forgotten to take off our trash bag.  I was a "little" blitzed and decided I needed to explain our day as we are driving down the road.  He drove off.  We ate and I was asleep by 7:30.  Great Texans game and great day.  Until next year...