Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The power of accessories

So I wore my teal shoes last week with black pants and a zebra print shirt. I thought the teal added a nice pop of color. To pull the color up, I also wore teal eyeliner (season addition from Mary Well when I walked into a store an owner says, "those shoes don't match with anything you're wearing." I pointed out the eyeliner and then he said "or does it match your underwear?" I didn't even remember what color I had put on that day so I couldn't answer and did it really matter. Do I need to take fashion advice from an older man from Conroe, TX? Nope but I had already been looking for a bracelet or necklace to match the shoes. It's a hard color to match cause not true teal but today was a win. I found the cutest bracelet and can't wait to wear it tomorrow with the shoes. No more random questions from older men. Well who am I fooling that won't stop them. Pretty much everyday occurrence in a men's industry. Ugh

1 comment:

  1. Great match! And it's artistic wearing a color that doesn't match everything you're wearing...NY and LA do it all the time! :)