Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One hundred and one posts... and a little change

Back in August when I decided to be a much better blooger (I've made progress but I still feel I have a ways to go.) I came up with themed days to help me.  I got some of my ideas from other blogs that I read.  The Wedensday one was called So What Wednesday and I think as a good blogger I'm suppose to "link up".  Well I don't know if there is an actual linky thing I'm suppose to do or just simply mention Life After I Dew, the blog that I got the idea from.  So I'm changing Wednesday because a) I don't want someone in the blog world to be mad at me and b) I kind of wanted my own thing.  I'm changing the name to Does it Really Matter...sure it's essentially the same concept but hey it's my title.  And someday I may come up with a cool little clip art header thing for this post.

  • Sometimes I put Petey's harness on wrong and don't notice till we are coming up the steps. 
  • I "worked" from home yesterday...more like waited around for UPS to deliver my new phone thinking I would have to sign for it.  Nope, he knocked on the door and then left it.
  • My husband purchased a replica of the original Texas flag last weekend.  I didn't know what it was till he brought it home.  Here's a pic for you.

image from

He continues to ask me to hang it up in the apartment.  Sure, if we are living in a bachelor pad.  I mean I put up with the head from his costume last year being on the top of our hutch.  He is so proud of this thing and it took a whole afternoon to make.  I know that once we have kids there will be more things that I'll just have to blow off.  But I'm not giving in on the flag.  I told him he could hang it on the patio.  Time will only tell how this ends up.

When I signed in this morning I realized that yesterday was my 100th post.  Took awhile to get here but hey we all have to take baby steps before we run.  Here's to another 100....(I cheers with my spice pumpkin coffee. If you have a keurig you must go out and buy Green Mountain Coffee's.  I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond and don't forget to use your coupon.)


  1. Congrats on post 101!! Love reading your blog.

  2. Pretty sure I giggled about the harness; hang the flag in his bathroom; and CONGRATS on the growing blog!