Thursday, October 4, 2012

On to the next obsession

For a month or so I've been addicted to colored pants...dress pants, jeans, whatever. I was obsessing over finding an orange pair because I mean doesn't everyone want to be like Coach Dooley. And I had in my mind that every good Tennessee alum had to have a pair. After trying every orange pair of pants in about 10 stores I finally gave it up. My body is not suppose to have orange on the bottom half. So blazers are my new obsession. I've bought 2 in the last week. Well 3 but one went back. They can pull an outfit together, add a little pizzazz, allow you to where a summer shirt in the winter, etc. I might have pushed it with wearing one today but I couldn't wait for a little cooler temps (it was in the 80s) and it was ponte knit so it was lightweight. Love!!!

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  1. I've gotten into blazers as well. It's been getting a little colder in Cincinati so I've been wearing blazers over my lightweight sweaters (Limited's Merino V-neck sweater is my current favorite...I have it in 3 colors and I'm thinking about buying the 2 new colors that just came out).