Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Shop... Extended and updated

My good friend Brandy, who lives way too far away in the cold cheesy state of Wisconsin, started a company that focuses on sprucing up furniture. I'm super jealous that she can have fresh cheese curds whenever her craving hits but I'm also sad that she's so far away. We totally could be a super force in the craft show world with our creativity combined. Alas for the time being it can't happen on a consistent basis but she does have a show the weekend after I visit in.....omg omg omg it's a week and a half away. She is allowing me to bring some pieces for the show. So with this looming, I put focus once again on Calista Rose Boutique. I created a Facebook business/community page and also ordered business cards. Eek. I've updated the My Shop page here. Can't wait to see how we both do with our wares but more over, I'm superly duperly excited just to see her!!!! So onto to cutting, ironing, and sewing for the next week and a half but I'll take a break tonight to see TRISTAN PRETTYMAN!!!! Yep and the tickets are free or more like I'm just on the guest list b!tches. Holla!! (yes I stole that from Heather on RHONYC)


  1. Absolutely Awesome and Amazing!!! There's some alliteration for you!

  2. So cool!! Very excited you're able to expand your business! Brandy's stuff is pretty cool...I've enjoyed seeing her posts on Instagram.