Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Matchy Matchy

At some point that I can't necessarily pin point on a calendar I grew to hate outfits that were matchy matchy. I don't know if it was those outfits as a kid we were made to wear and me and my two youngest sisters matched that caused it. Now when I see a parent do that I cringe. I'm not sure what made it click but if it goes too perfectly together forget it. I'm changing. Now I don't go to the other extreme and pair two totally shouldn't go together pieces. However, I do like when things go together that at first hand shouldn't but end up looking totally vintage and cute. In last weeks The Mindy Project she wore a polka dot dress with a stripped blazer (kind of like the blazer I got last week. Shit now do I need to find a polka dot dress. It was adorbs.).

So yesterday when I put on my outfit I almost changed the shoes at the least. I really wanted to wear my leopard heels but I was going to the country and thought it would be too much for those customers. So I stayed matchy matchy and went with it. Got compliments even. Can't say it was my fav but hey wasn't my worse.

So wish I had pics of those childhood outfits to share. I know there's some out there. Ok maybe I don't want to share cause you wouldn't be looking at the outfits. You would be staring at my scary permed hair that was more awful than the outfits.

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  1. Cute outfit! Love the shoes! And please for all that is holy....DO NOT FIND ANY OF THOSE PICTURES FROM MATCHY MATCHY SPOMONIE WORLD!!!