Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Columbus Day...Watt you doing

I got a text message this morning from a friend/coworker saying "I officially declare Columbus day a holiday for carpet reps. You are welcome." If only she had that power. Not that I did anything this weekend that I need to recuperate from. I just want to continue to be lazy, read my book, drink a little wine perhaps, and watch football. I was going to post a clip art for Columbus Day but decided JJ Watt was a much better representation for today. Go Texans!!


  1. Well looky there, a Wisconsinite turned two have a lot in common. :)

    And I wish we could all declare every "banker holiday" a holiday for all! I would have liked to have slept in and read a book all day.

  2. I might and HUGE emphasis on MIGHT start becoming a fan of the Texans just for that picture! Wowzers! (also really like the guy in bottom left...something really tickled him!)