Monday, October 29, 2012

Fashion trend advice or not

There is one fabric that in my opinion can go with anything and anywhere.  I confess at one time I thought it was only for older ladies but nope.  It's hip and young now.  That fashion trend I'm talking about is leopard print.  I have it in scarves, heels, shirts, blazers, bra, panties and ballet flats.  See today I paired it with a random purple shirt and it goes. Or at least I think it does. So please don't tell me otherwise.

Now does everyone like this look or scared it's too trendy.  Yes I've heard that.  My husband for one does not like anything animal print.  So the bras and panties are all for not.  Work day clothes I guess is their place.  He can't keep me from wearing my animal print and I think it will last in my wardrobe for many years.  So if you haven't tried it I urge you to.  It will up your self esteem for the day and you'll get that new job, boy, money, whatever you dream. Ok maybe not that far but at least you will be cute (and who knows maybe you will get your wish).

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