Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Facebook... comic relief and more

I have been a member of facebook since March 8, 2005 when only college students could join.  The only reason I know the exact date is because of facebook.  I'm able to keep up with family who live in a number of different cities, find old friends, have things to laugh at mean girl style (wrong but true), find out about current events, etc.  I've never once thought of quitting it and consider it my People magazine but with people I know that have sometimes less interesting or more interesting stories than what is reported in the actual magazine.  I do have filters on who can see what, ignore friend requests from people I have no desire to connect with, hide people from my news feed and defriend people when I can't take it anymore.  Some people use it as a diary and that's annoying.  Some people just say stupid things but when they say or ask REALLY stupid things they get defriended.  Like the example below from this weekend.  Seriously?!?! And I don't think it was inside joke based on the person and the comments.  However, I literately lol'd when I read it.

But the comment before the stupid one makes fb, which I affectionately refer to it in text messages and non business emails, the reason to stay.  Because I too sometimes have that meal minus one cheeseburger and if Will Hoge does it then it's ok.  And I'm seeing him on Friday (fb let me know first that he was coming near so there's another reason to be on it... as if I needed another reason)!!!!!!!!! So I know people have their reasons not to be on fb, use it to a minimum but I confess I'm a facebook junky, stalker, over user, proofreader (yes I make fun of people's bad English or misspelled words in their comments and don't care if it is "just facebook"), etc. So what!!


  1. You should take him a double cheesburger meal to the concert...I think he'd appreciate that kind gesture...or think you're a stalker...let's hope for the first one though.

  2. So you never many years are there in a decade? It's killing me!