Monday, October 15, 2012

Daily Internal Struggle

So you may be thinking "what oh what could it be?" Heaven vs hell..not that deep. Chocolate vs Vanilla...not all fifty shade like. Get you heads out of the gutter. Coffee vs tea. Democrat vs Republican...not even going there. Ok ok it's the struggle between Andy Cohen and Chelsea Handler. Sure I could tape one and watch later or watch reruns but I really don't feel like these are shows you can do that with. The "news" portion would be old. Jokes would lose their umph, pizazz, wow factor. And now with Chelsea going to a bigger, better stage, I just feel like I need to support her. She's my home girl...yikes I'm going all cra. Obviously not a huge's teetering on being a first world one...ok ok it definitely is. So I guess I'll continue to do what I always do. Evaluate the guest on which fits my mood, if i even know them or care and go with that. Damn problem solved. Send me to the United Nations already.


  1. Tonight I will tape both. I'm sleepy and don't want to miss either.

  2. Now that's not what the UN would do...make a decision and then go back on it...I would go with Cohen.