Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Calista's Weight Loss Plan

So the last couple days I've gotten on the scale and the number is lower than normal.  Awesome, right??? But the problem is I don't know how I got there.  Could it be the dinners of only edamame and a bottle of wine?  Or the fact that it's cooler and Petey is willing to walk 15 minutes rather than 5 minutes. The weekend of not being able to eat because you're in a bad place in a friendship and some self reflecting had to happen? (Thank goodness it has all been worked and on to refocusing and working on those things that caused the tiff. And also may result in a book review post on here.) The husband was out of town this weekend? Or is it the new lunch box kit that I bought here that forces portion control? (I didn't pay that for it.  Must have gone up since I purchased.)  I have no idea why I'm going down but I'm going to say it's a combination of everything. It's given me a new motivation... if only for a week.  Cheers to lower numbers!!!

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