Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday's Letter - Dear Tuesday

Dear Tuesday,

All day I thought you were Wednesday. And every time I remembered it was you I wanted to cry because it's 3 more days till the weekend. And the weekend means I'll be past the 2 day training that has been postponed since March and is suppose to change my life (yea we'll see...ok ok I do secretly have high hopes for it... oh and change my life in my work world... But now that I think about it will probably filter in to personal time... Ok enough). I did enjoy a little of you when I made my office at a Starbucks today for a mere hour...thank you other patrons for taking up all inside tables and chairs forcing me outside. That little spot under the umbrella was what I needed to push me through the rest of the day. So in the end you weren't that bad and I did do a blind hem for the first time on a pair of pants that have been sitting idle in my closet for months. It's like I have a brand new pair of pants. Let's just hope it lasts through a couple wears. Until next week Tuesday....

Very tired me

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