Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lyrical Thursdays - Gary Allan - Every Storm

You knows those moments in life when a song perfectly gets your feelings, mood, situation...well I have a lot of those. Many of my life's experience have their own soundtrack. Who am I kidding, all my life experiences have their own soundtrack.  If Now That's what I call music  made my soundtrack I'm sure I would be well past Now 83.  I'll be going about my business and bam that song comes on and I'm sent back to 2000 and something.  Good times, bad doesn't matter. The same feelings arise and sometimes I smile but yet sometimes I cry.  So my mom informed me that my sweet baby sister who is a sophomore in college had her first big break up this week and as I was driving home Gary Allan's song Every Storm came on the radio.  And I thought to myself this is a great song for her to listen to because I needed this when I had my first break up.  That first break up makes you realize a lot of things...boys suck, boys are selfish, boys are great sometimes, I can put up with this but not that, etc.  So I posted this song on her facebook wall and well I made her cry but what she may not know I've listened to this song several times since.  I boohooed like a baby the first time and every other time teared up.  Do those pains, emotions, feelings ever go away from the first break up? No or at least I don't think so.  We just put them aside realize hey it didn't work but there is someone that's going to work better.  Not every relationship is perfect you just have to figure out which one is perfect for you.  

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  1. WOW!! I've not heard that's a great song and so true! And I totally agree with you as I don't think those pains, emotions, feelings, etc. from the first break up, from the second one, from the third, etc. ever go away. But I've found music to be the solace in the storm. It also brings back the good memories too! Music is very powerful!