Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cheese Tastees...a tasty treat

Growing up we would have tastees either made at home or from our little hometown family owned drive in, Bethel Dipper.  If you don't know what a tastee is the explanation/description I find most often is a loose meat sandwich.  It is similar to sloppy joes but sooooo much better.  Apparently the original is from the Tastee In and Out originating in Iowa and these sandwiches are known mostly in the midwest.

photo courtesy of Ann-Margaret McIntosh

My favorite items from Bethel Dipper were their tastees as well as their ice cream sandwiches. I haven't eaten there in years but crave tastees now and then.  So yesterday I decided to make a half batch of them.

I got the recipe from my Dad years ago and jotted it on a piece of scrap paper.  And that's how it remains and tucked into a pocket in my recipe book.

The 3 tablespoons of salt is a little much and probably should be cut in half or down to 1 tablespoon as I show adjusted below. These sandwiches in my opinion should also be served with a slice of cheese.  Some also put pickles on them which is good too.

  • 5lbs Ground Beef
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 1/2 cup ketchup
  • 1 T Salt
  • 3 T Yellow mustard
  • 3 T Horseradish
  • 3 T Worstershire Sauce
  • 1 1/2 cup water
Brown ground beef and onions. Drain.  Add remaining ingredients.  Simmer for 3 to 4 hours.  Serve on hamburger buns and enjoy!!!

Holidays are the best least this year was

The year is winding down and another Christmas in the books.  We had a very nice calm holiday over all.  This past weekend we went out to one of our friend's grandparents lakehouse.  It was what we called Misfit Christmas.  I learned how to shoot my shotgun that the husband had bought me a couple months back.  We enjoyed a fire as the nights were chilly.  Pooh Bear made an appearance dancing.  Destroyed a pinata, played football and enjoyed some drinks (some had a few too many), food and good company.

Christmas Eve we stayed home, just the husband and I.  I made surf and turf for dinner.  It was my first time cooking scallops.  They can be tricky I've heard cause if you cook them too long they become rubbery and tough.  I cooked the steak in a cast iron skillet on the stove and finished in the oven.  The potato was Paula Deen's recipe, Twice-Baked Shrimp Stuffed Potatoes.  The whole dinner was amazing and in my opinion could have been easily ordered at a high end restaurant   Yes I realize I made it all but it was that good.  I was pretty impressed with myself.

The green stuff on the steak was a compound butter that I made with butter, garlic, fresh parsley and thyme.  I put it on the steak the last minute of cooking.  The steaks were also cooked in butter and olive oil...not the most healthy meal but worth it.

Christmas Day we spent with friends and their families.  It was a nice day again with great food and even better company.

So now we look forward to New Year's Eve but first tomorrow a little Girls Happy Hour where I just learned we will also be celebrating another engagement. Congrats Michelle and Brandon!!

Photo courtesy of Sarah Prescott

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


When I briefly heard of the tragedy in Connecticut last week, I steered cleared of any news. I saw all sorts of info on Facebook so I had a vague idea of the events and then I finally turned the news on for the first time Monday evening. My head doesn't understand it, my heart hurts for those families and I just cry. Events like these pull down another layer of my optimism for the human race and destroys my naive trusting in systems, safe places, good people and pushes me towards fear. Fear for my safety in my daily life, fear of even thinking of bringing a child into the world, just plain fear. But that's not a great state to live in...cautious and smart, yes. So as I struggle to understand it all, I also learn to embrace life just a little more with a positive, more loving, caring spirit. I mourn with the families affected and can only hope that they can find some peace in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Christmas ya'll

I've never been one to get overly excited about Christmas and all that comes with it. However, I do decorate to add a little festiveness to our apartment.  The husband gripes about it but I think he secretly likes it.  When I began to think about pulling out the decorations this year I thought "man I'm so tired of my decorations.  I wish I could afford to go and buy everything new." Obviously that isn't realistic and so my solution was to use decorations in a different spot or way.  I added a few things and in the end I really have liked and enjoyed our decorations this year.

The wreath had been on the door but I put it over the fireplace this year and added the poinsettias.  I also added the greenery, ornaments and ribbon to the tall vase beside fireplace which I had never done before.  I got new stockings holders for Jarad and I's stocking.  Petey's stocking in the middle I hung with a small clear command hook.

 When I went looking for something to put on the door I went to probably 5+ stores and everything I saw was either too expensive, ugly, wrong colors...just not right.  So I made my own with a piece of wood from JoAnn's, paint, and a jigsaw.  Up close it has it's flaws.  I need to get sandpaper to smooth the edges, paint the edges and a clear gloss coat over it all.  Maybe that will be done next year because it's been on the door for a couple weeks and Christmas is a week away.

Petey of course needs his Christmas things too and was in need of a new bone.  While at Target I ran across this bone.   Sure there was a smaller one but what's the fun in that.  

One night I was watching one of the many Christmas specials and as Rod Stewart sang Santa Claus is coming to town Petey went over to the fireplace and looked up it as if he was really looking for Santa.

One of my favorite additions is this Fisherman nutcracker that I found at Target. I liked that it has the year on it and who knows he may get a brother/sister next year and the year after and the year after. It was missing the fish which I made out of wood myself.  The missing fish got me a discount on an already on sale item.  Score!!

So we've really enjoyed our decorations this year and will for probably about another week or two. Celebrate the holiday season for what it is to you.  

Sunday, December 16, 2012

What's for dinner?

Easy dinner tonight. Parmesan panko crusted chicken with broccoli and Alfredo. It was semi homemade in that I used a light Alfredo sauce from a jar. Steamable frozen broccoli made it even easier. It was quick to put together but tasted yummy. Now to convince the husband to do the dishes which would be a Christmas miracle if he actually did do them.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thought to ponder

How come I feel like pink nail polish should only be worn in the summer? I bought a Sally Hansen complete salon manicure color in pink but can't make myself use because it's not 100 degrees outside. It will be back to those temperatures in short time and so I'll save it. For now I'm content with greys, reds, maroons, whites, etc.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nails are just better painted

I love, love, love having my nails painted. I think a woman just looks more put together with her nails painted, which for some ladies may be an optical illusion but that's a discussion for another day. If I could afford it I would have it done by a salon whenever it was needed but that's just not in the budget. It could be in the budget but I would be eating ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, then I would be on blood pressure medicine for high sodium intake and the cost of medicine would take the salon money. I obviously need to rethink my budget saving methods. So back to my nails...because I can't afford the salon I try doing it myself. I would find tips, products, suggestions in blogs, on Pinterest, from friends but nothing ever worked for me. I would get so frustrated on how much time I would spend for it to chip or smudge less than an hour later. That was until I bought a bottle of Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure. No need for a base coat or top coat. Two coats is all the bottle calls for. The brush is large too which I like. Covers the nail with one swipe. I had a friend ask how long it lasted. For me because I'm messing with carpet samples, in warehouses, just plain using my hands all the time it lasts 2-3 days. But that doesn't bother me at all because the process is so fast to repaint. I have 4 colors right now, a pale pink, nude color, reddish maroon (I just bought for the holidays but haven't used yet) and the color below. I had a customer ask me if I was depressed because my nail color choice was a sign of depression and being authoritative. I said "well it is called commander in chic and no I'm not depressed". He responded, "are you sure?". Really dude?!?!? The things my customers say or do. I could write a book. So anyways if you're looking for a great nail product I recommend the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. And if Santa wants to fill my stocking with more colors I would be one happy lady Christmas morning....happier than I already am cause again no I'm not depressed.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Does It Really Matter - Real Housewife In Practice

Today's Does It Really Matter is going to be centered around one topic...I watch every version of the Real Housewife empire. It took me awhile to get into Atlanta but yes I watch that one too. I am continually trying to come up with my tag line if I was on the Real Housewives of Houston. At this point and where I am now, this "season's" tagline for me would be "I may not always say or do the right thing but my heart is in the right place. My family and friends are my world."  They change their tag lines each season and so I'm already trying to think of my next one.  And I would totally be on the cast for the RHOH.  It would be epic...ok maybe not.  The only part I would have is if one of them were redoing their floors, they went to one of my stores and I happened to be in there that day.  There has been rumor that a Houston show is being cast, filmed but not necessarily part of the Real Housewives franchise.  I hope that this is true and now I must go back to practicing being a Real being poured.

Go get some

I know you have been out there searching high and low for the perfect teriyaki sauce.  Well call of the hounds and search no more and just head to your nearest Trader Joe's.  I know this California based grocery chain is not everywhere.  We just got our first one in Houston this summer, a second a little while later and a third (11 MILES FROM MY APARTMENT!!!!!) by end of year.  But if you aren't near one and happen across one in travels I would stock up on what they call Soyaki.

I made a chicken stir-fry last night and had to make myself stop eating.  I did a simple chicken, asparagus tips (frozen), red pepper and mushrooms.  I folded in quinoa at the very end instead of rice or noodles.  Of course I added a little dash of Sriracha to my individual bowl because everything is better with a little spice.  I made alot which makes me happy cause I will eat on it for a couple more days.

I did a quick google search and saw where people added peanut butter to this sauce to make a twist on a peanut sauce.  May have to try that next time.  They also have an island version that is sweeter and with pineapple sauce or so the label says.  I love coming across great finds that are inexpensive (if I remember correctly I paid $2.99 for the bottle and it's huge) and taste amazing.  If you have ideas on recipes please share cause I want to use this sauce in everything.

Salad Love

WalMart has a Southwestern chopped salad that in my opnion is amazeballs.  Has just the right mixture of things that gives you a "little kick".  Chipotle Ranch dressing is so good and you can buy it in the bottle as well.

I ate it for dinner all last week.  But like any prepackaged item I can't leave well enough alone.  So I added tomatoes, avoacado, black beans and corn.  For dinner last week, I also added crockpot salsa chicken.  I am having it for lunch this week minus any meat.

If your WalMart carrys this salad I urge you to buy it.  I'm not getting paid for this post but if WalMart wants to give me some $$$ I'll take it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I know. I know.

I know it's been WAY too long since I wrote anything. I've sat down a couple times to write a post and then life happens. The week after my last post I was busy preparing things for a couple craft fairs. Sold a couple items but most importantly the fairs were in Wisconsin where I got to spend some time with the great Brandy. Getting back from there was a journey all in itself. Let's just say a late flight, missed flight, early flight, option to stay a bit longer for travel voucher (need to visit fam in KY), new plane and then finally home was an event. But with all that I brought home a cold and felt like poo the week after. Was totes worth it though. Then it was Thanksgiving and a visit from family. And now here we are. Apartment is decorated for Christmas. Pics coming soon and time to settle in to the holiday season that is EVERYWHERE. So not that these are great excuses that's what's been happening. So be merry, holly, crabby, scroogey, joyous, funky.....enjoy your holiday season your way and I'll holla at you laters, baby. (oh Fifty Shades...when is the movie coming already?)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Texans Game for the year

Sunday Funday was fun, long, tiring and memorable.  We started to the stadium at 7am and were second in line to get the perfect spot in the lot.

 Little did we know we would be asked to moved by other tailgaters because they had been there for 10 years.  They asked if we minded and I told them we did but we ended up moving and I think had a better spot after all.

While we waited for the gates to open we had to dodge rain drops.  Good thing the rain was short lived and didn't ruin our experience.

We played cornhole, ate and drank for four hours.  I agreed to go to the gym during the week at 5am.  Yea that's not happening.  Took pictures, made friends, drank some more and then it was finally game time.

Of course we talked to random people along the way and also when we got in the stadium.  I'm sure the Bills fans that we went up to didn't think we were that funny when we kept saying "There's something wrong with your shirt/'s a Bill's one and not a Texan's one."

The stadium was full and very loud and we won!!!! Of course.

Then we get back to the truck won't start.  Our new friend tried to jump us and his Nissan wouldn't start the Ford.  And then the truck starting geeking out and the keys were inside.  They were then locked inside with the clicker.  Great.  So we found guest service and police men.  Broke into the truck and then a measly jump box started the truck when a Nissan wouldn't.  After being there the rest of the afternoon, first ones in parking lot and last ones out, we were headed to eat a little Mexican to end the day oh fun.  So as we are cruising down 610 a guy pulls up beside to tell us we had forgotten to take off our trash bag.  I was a "little" blitzed and decided I needed to explain our day as we are driving down the road.  He drove off.  We ate and I was asleep by 7:30.  Great Texans game and great day.  Until next year...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The power of accessories

So I wore my teal shoes last week with black pants and a zebra print shirt. I thought the teal added a nice pop of color. To pull the color up, I also wore teal eyeliner (season addition from Mary Well when I walked into a store an owner says, "those shoes don't match with anything you're wearing." I pointed out the eyeliner and then he said "or does it match your underwear?" I didn't even remember what color I had put on that day so I couldn't answer and did it really matter. Do I need to take fashion advice from an older man from Conroe, TX? Nope but I had already been looking for a bracelet or necklace to match the shoes. It's a hard color to match cause not true teal but today was a win. I found the cutest bracelet and can't wait to wear it tomorrow with the shoes. No more random questions from older men. Well who am I fooling that won't stop them. Pretty much everyday occurrence in a men's industry. Ugh

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Shop... Extended and updated

My good friend Brandy, who lives way too far away in the cold cheesy state of Wisconsin, started a company that focuses on sprucing up furniture. I'm super jealous that she can have fresh cheese curds whenever her craving hits but I'm also sad that she's so far away. We totally could be a super force in the craft show world with our creativity combined. Alas for the time being it can't happen on a consistent basis but she does have a show the weekend after I visit in.....omg omg omg it's a week and a half away. She is allowing me to bring some pieces for the show. So with this looming, I put focus once again on Calista Rose Boutique. I created a Facebook business/community page and also ordered business cards. Eek. I've updated the My Shop page here. Can't wait to see how we both do with our wares but more over, I'm superly duperly excited just to see her!!!! So onto to cutting, ironing, and sewing for the next week and a half but I'll take a break tonight to see TRISTAN PRETTYMAN!!!! Yep and the tickets are free or more like I'm just on the guest list b!tches. Holla!! (yes I stole that from Heather on RHONYC)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fashion trend advice or not

There is one fabric that in my opinion can go with anything and anywhere.  I confess at one time I thought it was only for older ladies but nope.  It's hip and young now.  That fashion trend I'm talking about is leopard print.  I have it in scarves, heels, shirts, blazers, bra, panties and ballet flats.  See today I paired it with a random purple shirt and it goes. Or at least I think it does. So please don't tell me otherwise.

Now does everyone like this look or scared it's too trendy.  Yes I've heard that.  My husband for one does not like anything animal print.  So the bras and panties are all for not.  Work day clothes I guess is their place.  He can't keep me from wearing my animal print and I think it will last in my wardrobe for many years.  So if you haven't tried it I urge you to.  It will up your self esteem for the day and you'll get that new job, boy, money, whatever you dream. Ok maybe not that far but at least you will be cute (and who knows maybe you will get your wish).

Friday, October 26, 2012

Tonight's the night...Luke and Jason.  I'm ready and waiting for my ride.  So I thought I'd shoot a self portrait...and maybe practice my Kim K camera look.  Yea I was bored.  Sex and the City on the tele and drinking a beer...classy.

Can't wait to see Luke sing this song.

Ya'll have a great Friday night... It's going to be a good weekend.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Does it Really Matter

• I jam to Justin Bieber and can't wait for Justin Timberlake's cd to come out. I'm bringing sexy back...
• I don't like Taylor Swift but yet bought her newest cd because it's the bomb diggity. Even jolked (jog+walk) to it this a.m.
• I'm already ready for the weekend. Bring on Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan on Friday. Happy Birthday to me!!!(Ticket was a birthday present from Brittany BoomBoom. Love her)
• Luke Bryan is more yummy than Jason Aldean. Should I put him on my celebrity pass list? Yea right even if given the opportunity wouldn't take it. Loves my J too much.
• The murder mystery dinner party on Saturday is going to be SOOOOO much fun. It's not like we haven't been planning it for months. Holla to the 1920s!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week in an Instaglance

RIP Big Tex
I love my dog.
I'm messy when crafting...and cooking for that matter.
I usually don't mind the dentist but this week's visit was not fun. The dentist gagged me and made me cry. Then I had to pay him.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

And the flag saga continues...

The flag saga that I mentioned last week is pretty much at a stalemate.  I don't bring it up nor does he.  When it was first hung up this is what I saw when I walked in.

Really?!?! I would have to duck past it every time I went to my office or bathroom.  I think not.  So I took one side down and this is how it remains.

Perfect solution? Not in my opinion but hey I guess it's not the end of the world...for now.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Facebook... comic relief and more

I have been a member of facebook since March 8, 2005 when only college students could join.  The only reason I know the exact date is because of facebook.  I'm able to keep up with family who live in a number of different cities, find old friends, have things to laugh at mean girl style (wrong but true), find out about current events, etc.  I've never once thought of quitting it and consider it my People magazine but with people I know that have sometimes less interesting or more interesting stories than what is reported in the actual magazine.  I do have filters on who can see what, ignore friend requests from people I have no desire to connect with, hide people from my news feed and defriend people when I can't take it anymore.  Some people use it as a diary and that's annoying.  Some people just say stupid things but when they say or ask REALLY stupid things they get defriended.  Like the example below from this weekend.  Seriously?!?! And I don't think it was inside joke based on the person and the comments.  However, I literately lol'd when I read it.

But the comment before the stupid one makes fb, which I affectionately refer to it in text messages and non business emails, the reason to stay.  Because I too sometimes have that meal minus one cheeseburger and if Will Hoge does it then it's ok.  And I'm seeing him on Friday (fb let me know first that he was coming near so there's another reason to be on it... as if I needed another reason)!!!!!!!!! So I know people have their reasons not to be on fb, use it to a minimum but I confess I'm a facebook junky, stalker, over user, proofreader (yes I make fun of people's bad English or misspelled words in their comments and don't care if it is "just facebook"), etc. So what!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Daily Internal Struggle

So you may be thinking "what oh what could it be?" Heaven vs hell..not that deep. Chocolate vs Vanilla...not all fifty shade like. Get you heads out of the gutter. Coffee vs tea. Democrat vs Republican...not even going there. Ok ok it's the struggle between Andy Cohen and Chelsea Handler. Sure I could tape one and watch later or watch reruns but I really don't feel like these are shows you can do that with. The "news" portion would be old. Jokes would lose their umph, pizazz, wow factor. And now with Chelsea going to a bigger, better stage, I just feel like I need to support her. She's my home girl...yikes I'm going all cra. Obviously not a huge's teetering on being a first world one...ok ok it definitely is. So I guess I'll continue to do what I always do. Evaluate the guest on which fits my mood, if i even know them or care and go with that. Damn problem solved. Send me to the United Nations already.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Week in a instaglance

Faves from my Instagram (@calista_rose_u) this week.

Things I've learned:

•Need to make cocoa rice Krispy treats.
•Petey is sleeping in most pics I take of him but he's so cute.
•Not an Instagram whore...yet

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Matchy Matchy

At some point that I can't necessarily pin point on a calendar I grew to hate outfits that were matchy matchy. I don't know if it was those outfits as a kid we were made to wear and me and my two youngest sisters matched that caused it. Now when I see a parent do that I cringe. I'm not sure what made it click but if it goes too perfectly together forget it. I'm changing. Now I don't go to the other extreme and pair two totally shouldn't go together pieces. However, I do like when things go together that at first hand shouldn't but end up looking totally vintage and cute. In last weeks The Mindy Project she wore a polka dot dress with a stripped blazer (kind of like the blazer I got last week. Shit now do I need to find a polka dot dress. It was adorbs.).

So yesterday when I put on my outfit I almost changed the shoes at the least. I really wanted to wear my leopard heels but I was going to the country and thought it would be too much for those customers. So I stayed matchy matchy and went with it. Got compliments even. Can't say it was my fav but hey wasn't my worse.

So wish I had pics of those childhood outfits to share. I know there's some out there. Ok maybe I don't want to share cause you wouldn't be looking at the outfits. You would be staring at my scary permed hair that was more awful than the outfits.

One hundred and one posts... and a little change

Back in August when I decided to be a much better blooger (I've made progress but I still feel I have a ways to go.) I came up with themed days to help me.  I got some of my ideas from other blogs that I read.  The Wedensday one was called So What Wednesday and I think as a good blogger I'm suppose to "link up".  Well I don't know if there is an actual linky thing I'm suppose to do or just simply mention Life After I Dew, the blog that I got the idea from.  So I'm changing Wednesday because a) I don't want someone in the blog world to be mad at me and b) I kind of wanted my own thing.  I'm changing the name to Does it Really Matter...sure it's essentially the same concept but hey it's my title.  And someday I may come up with a cool little clip art header thing for this post.

  • Sometimes I put Petey's harness on wrong and don't notice till we are coming up the steps. 
  • I "worked" from home yesterday...more like waited around for UPS to deliver my new phone thinking I would have to sign for it.  Nope, he knocked on the door and then left it.
  • My husband purchased a replica of the original Texas flag last weekend.  I didn't know what it was till he brought it home.  Here's a pic for you.

image from

He continues to ask me to hang it up in the apartment.  Sure, if we are living in a bachelor pad.  I mean I put up with the head from his costume last year being on the top of our hutch.  He is so proud of this thing and it took a whole afternoon to make.  I know that once we have kids there will be more things that I'll just have to blow off.  But I'm not giving in on the flag.  I told him he could hang it on the patio.  Time will only tell how this ends up.

When I signed in this morning I realized that yesterday was my 100th post.  Took awhile to get here but hey we all have to take baby steps before we run.  Here's to another 100....(I cheers with my spice pumpkin coffee. If you have a keurig you must go out and buy Green Mountain Coffee's.  I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond and don't forget to use your coupon.)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Terrible Tuesday

Ok it's not that bad but was up way too late last night watching the Texans become 5-0. The dishes are piling up in the sink. I'm sure I'll hear about them once the husband wakes up. Oh wells. Allergies have been miserable last couple days. But I'm waiting around home for a little package....I'm heading back to the iPhone world. The blackberry although great wasn't cutting it for me. Slow Internet, battery won't hold charge anymore, buttons taped on, it looked horrible. I think it will help a lot with this blog and I'm pretty excited about instagram (Calista_Rose_u) being on my phone. Pretty much lame sauce reasons to some but for me I'm excited. And I have an amazeballs case on the way as well.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Columbus Day...Watt you doing

I got a text message this morning from a friend/coworker saying "I officially declare Columbus day a holiday for carpet reps. You are welcome." If only she had that power. Not that I did anything this weekend that I need to recuperate from. I just want to continue to be lazy, read my book, drink a little wine perhaps, and watch football. I was going to post a clip art for Columbus Day but decided JJ Watt was a much better representation for today. Go Texans!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Shameless request

I know that there are more than two people out there reading my blog well actually one...or I hope so. It's me and Katrina in this sad, sad little blog world I created according to the followers. I know there are more reading because my little dashboard of facts when I login tells me so. So if you're out there vodka it's me Calista...oops wrong shout out. Please become a follower if you read and I've also opened the comments to anonymous readers but I'd like to know who you are so sign your name to the comment. Peace, love and IT'S FRIDAY!!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

On to the next obsession

For a month or so I've been addicted to colored pants...dress pants, jeans, whatever. I was obsessing over finding an orange pair because I mean doesn't everyone want to be like Coach Dooley. And I had in my mind that every good Tennessee alum had to have a pair. After trying every orange pair of pants in about 10 stores I finally gave it up. My body is not suppose to have orange on the bottom half. So blazers are my new obsession. I've bought 2 in the last week. Well 3 but one went back. They can pull an outfit together, add a little pizzazz, allow you to where a summer shirt in the winter, etc. I might have pushed it with wearing one today but I couldn't wait for a little cooler temps (it was in the 80s) and it was ponte knit so it was lightweight. Love!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A fashion you'll want to copy...

I'm bringing back a fashion trend that I know you are going out to replicate immediately. Let me reintroduce you to...wait for it....the fanny pack. No I don't wear it at the grocery, shopping at the mall or out to lunch with girlfriends. It's purpose is to hold my keys, phone, iPod, etc when I walk Petey or just out on a walk by myself. I use to not lock the door when we walked and I would always freak myself out when I came back in. I'd make myself believe that someone would be sitting on the couch in the dark. I'd hear as I opened the door, "I've been waiting for you." or any other f'd up scenario that I've conjured up. So in an effort to give myself a little piece of mind, I bought one from Wal-Mart for $5. For a second, I contemplated springing for a designer one, Louis Vutton, Gucci, etc that can reach almost $2000 but then I came back to my senses. So a plain black one worn on my fanny, cause it's cooler that way, has served it's purpose. Don't judge or make fun of me because you know you're jealous.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Calista's Weight Loss Plan

So the last couple days I've gotten on the scale and the number is lower than normal.  Awesome, right??? But the problem is I don't know how I got there.  Could it be the dinners of only edamame and a bottle of wine?  Or the fact that it's cooler and Petey is willing to walk 15 minutes rather than 5 minutes. The weekend of not being able to eat because you're in a bad place in a friendship and some self reflecting had to happen? (Thank goodness it has all been worked and on to refocusing and working on those things that caused the tiff. And also may result in a book review post on here.) The husband was out of town this weekend? Or is it the new lunch box kit that I bought here that forces portion control? (I didn't pay that for it.  Must have gone up since I purchased.)  I have no idea why I'm going down but I'm going to say it's a combination of everything. It's given me a new motivation... if only for a week.  Cheers to lower numbers!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Miss her but get to see her in about a month. say the least. Picture was taken in 2007 doing who knows what, who knows where.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So what Wednesday

• I ate the whole pickle even if the serving was 2/3rd of a pickle. Who would eat 2/3rd of a pickle anyway? And if I want to be honest I ate 2.
• I licked the packet of the 100 calorie guacamole pack.
• I'm having a glass...or two or the bottle tonight when I was trying not to have any alcohol till the weekend. Welps too late now. Mmmm a nice Pinot noir/Shiraz blend.

Monday, September 24, 2012

If you really knew me Monday

If you really knew me you would know that I LOVE my sleep. That being said as I've gotten older, acquired a husband that snores most of the time and a dog who likes to hog the bed, sleep isn't always abundant nor of any quality. So last night after two benedryls (I HATE you ragweed ), a melatonin pill and lights out at 7, I got the best sleep I've had in forever. Bring it on week.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lyrical Thursdays - Gary Allan - Every Storm

You knows those moments in life when a song perfectly gets your feelings, mood, situation...well I have a lot of those. Many of my life's experience have their own soundtrack. Who am I kidding, all my life experiences have their own soundtrack.  If Now That's what I call music  made my soundtrack I'm sure I would be well past Now 83.  I'll be going about my business and bam that song comes on and I'm sent back to 2000 and something.  Good times, bad doesn't matter. The same feelings arise and sometimes I smile but yet sometimes I cry.  So my mom informed me that my sweet baby sister who is a sophomore in college had her first big break up this week and as I was driving home Gary Allan's song Every Storm came on the radio.  And I thought to myself this is a great song for her to listen to because I needed this when I had my first break up.  That first break up makes you realize a lot of things...boys suck, boys are selfish, boys are great sometimes, I can put up with this but not that, etc.  So I posted this song on her facebook wall and well I made her cry but what she may not know I've listened to this song several times since.  I boohooed like a baby the first time and every other time teared up.  Do those pains, emotions, feelings ever go away from the first break up? No or at least I don't think so.  We just put them aside realize hey it didn't work but there is someone that's going to work better.  Not every relationship is perfect you just have to figure out which one is perfect for you.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So what Wednesday

• I'm so tired of hearing about politics and even more so my customer's blaming bad business on the fact that it's an election year. There are plenty of my stores doing better than last year. So next excuse please.
• I can't deal with jealous people.
• Nor can I deal with lazy people. Don't even say you're going to do something if you half ass it.
• I watch so much tv and now all the fall shows are going to be starting. Yea!!!
• I was last in our fantasy football league last week but now I'm 8th out of 12. Moving on up... Here's to hoping my players this week don't choke. Go Blood, Sweat and Beers (that's my team name. I wish I could take credit for coming up with it but instead I have to thank google and worldwide web.)!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday's Letter - Dear Fashion Trends

Dear Fashion Trends,

You seem to suck me in to your grips every other season or so. And this season you've got me with the colored pants and jeans. I have now blue, green, and maroon. Every time I go in a store I see another color i, orange, mustard yellow, and the list could grow but I'm trying to refrain. Luckily value stores jump on the bandwagon and I can afford to be on trend. You're great but just don't be too great cause you'll break my bank.

Loves, me

P.s. I need to learn to take better self pics

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday's Letter - Dear Tuesday

Dear Tuesday,

All day I thought you were Wednesday. And every time I remembered it was you I wanted to cry because it's 3 more days till the weekend. And the weekend means I'll be past the 2 day training that has been postponed since March and is suppose to change my life (yea we'll see...ok ok I do secretly have high hopes for it... oh and change my life in my work world... But now that I think about it will probably filter in to personal time... Ok enough). I did enjoy a little of you when I made my office at a Starbucks today for a mere hour...thank you other patrons for taking up all inside tables and chairs forcing me outside. That little spot under the umbrella was what I needed to push me through the rest of the day. So in the end you weren't that bad and I did do a blind hem for the first time on a pair of pants that have been sitting idle in my closet for months. It's like I have a brand new pair of pants. Let's just hope it lasts through a couple wears. Until next week Tuesday....

Very tired me

Monday, September 10, 2012

If you really knew me Monday

I drive without shoes probably 95% of the time. The other 5% of the time I'm wearing cowboy boots, riding boots, tennis shoes, etc. But I LOVE shoes. In case you didn't know that either.

Friday, September 7, 2012

I told you so

No not the Randy Travis song but a situation with my husband that turned to my favor. My husband is going on a dove hunt tomorrow and for the last 3 weeks or so I've told him to get with his dad about getting his shotgun. He contacted him this week and sure enough there was something wrong with his gun. Did I want that to happen? No. But I'm a planner and he is to a certain extent but he plans for the perfect scenario. So his gun wasn't going to be fixed by the hunt. Therefore, he had to buy a new one. Sure he's going to use it first but after that it's mine. Bring on the skeet shooting. Bring on being a true Texan now. Kind of excited to shoot it for the first time. Bang bang...I'm the new Pistol Annie.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So what Wednesday

•I push the snooze way too much and way too long.
•I've not followed my newly drafted cleaning schedule for two days in a row. When your bestie wins an amazing award you go to dinner to celebrate. And tonight's back.
•I'm over the hot weather, two shower a day, sweat your balls off kinda weather.
•I had a Tuesday letter that had to do with the weather but didn't write cause of celebrating.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day Weekend, last unofficial weekend of summer (because it lasts till Oct here in Texas), the start of College football season, etc...just have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why I love Trader Joe's Wine...

Oh Trader Joe's Charles Shaw Blend (click here) 

It's not the reason you think. 

So what Wednesday

•if this post is coming in on Thursday
•if somedays it takes me forever to get ready and get going (except the last two mornings...meetings and conference calls blah)
•if I like to exercise my right to shoes. My new beauties

So can't wait for BB14 tonight...oh the drama, twist and turns. And I got the email from library that I could download Gone Girl. Husband will be gone fishing this weekend and so that gives me the apartment to myself to read and drink a little wine. Heaven!!!!

Happy Wed....oh I mean Thursday!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday's Letter - Dear Neighbors

Dear Neighbors,

How can you be afraid of our sweet basset hound, Petey? He is the sweetest, cutest dog ever. He's not going to bite you and as a matter of fact he's never done that to anyone. He will lick you to death and that's all. You are welcome to pet him if you like. Just don't act like a little scared kid because you look like a fool.


Probably your best neighbor and cutest dog

Monday, August 27, 2012

If you really knew me Monday

I love someone who knows their strengths and accentuates them. However, someone who knows their weaknesses and doesn't work on them, drives me crazy. If you can't spell, not organized, not someone who works out, etc and you do nothing, I feel pity for you. Use your strengths but work on your weaknesses. It will make you a better person. I hate to work out but because the doctor says I need to and it's just good health practices I must. I know it's something that I'll have to work at and work to make a routine.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So what Wednesday

•if I forgot to post Tuesday's Letter
•I had a craving for a tuna melt and when I have a craving it's hard for it to go away. Thanks Subway!
•I've read all the Fifty Shades books and enjoyed it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

If you really knew me...

I'm not a fan of scary movies. I don't like the suspicion, anxiety, and unsettling feelings they cause. However, I will watch them every once in awhile but not by myself.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cheers to Starting Again

You may have noticed that I have attempted again to start blogging on a regular basis. I struggle with coming up with things to write about on a consistent basis. So theme days will be the basis and I got the ideas from a couple other blogs I read, Life After I Dew and Where there is life, there is love. As I come up with other things to write about those will be thrown in as well. So here's to yet another start of blogging more regularly (whenever I hear the word regular for some reason I think of bowl movements. I blame it on yogurt commercials.)

Oh and I'm pretty proud of myself for keeping at 30 Day Shred. But scared cause it's about that time to try level 2. Eek

Lyrical Thursday - Tristan Prettyman - My oh My

Love her.  Can't wait for her cd to come out the end of September, Cedar + Gold. It will be interesting to see how her music was influenced by her break up with Jason Mraz.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So What Wednesday

•if I watch too much reality tv. I like it.
•if I go to bed at 8pm tonight. I've been super productive and I'm so tired. Didn't sleep well last night.
•if it took all day. We have new floors in our kitchen and bathrooms. They seem so clean and spotless. Love. It's about time tho!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday's Letter - Dear Jillian

Dear Jillian,

Although you are doing good for me (i'm sure of it...i can do's only a bit over 20mins...that's just my way of convincing myself... It's a daily convo i have with myself) and I make myself meet with you on most days. I still don't like you. My dog doesn't even like you. I turn the DVD on and he leaves the room. It's not you that makes me do it and finish. Your "just a couple more" is never a couple. Just so you know a couple is defined in my world as a pair...2. I guess your's is definition #4 in merriam-webster....a small indefinite number. That drives me crazy and I don't need you getting a big head thinking "oh well you can say what you want , you're doing the workout day in and day out and finishing." I push through knowing that if I finish I can allow myself a glass of wine or a piece of dark chocolate. My satisfaction can summed up in the joy i feel by pushing the power off on the dvd player and your silly grin fades off my screen. My hatred will probably just grow as I move on to the other levels. And it doesn't help that I have two other DVDs with your face on them begging to be put in and played. I will never like you but thank you...I guess.

Yours....truly, kindly, not sure what sentiment to use,

Going to Get Shredded Calista

Monday, August 13, 2012

If you really knew me....

I can watch P.S. I Love You a million times and still cry each and every time I watch it.