Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Natalie's Bridal Shower - the food table

The theme for the food was all of her favorites.

Each item on the table had a place card with what the dish was and what Natalie's favorite is.  Some of her favorites we had to reinvent to party / finger foods.  For instance, she loves chicken enchiladas and so we made a enchilada ring.  The place cards were simple blue paper wrapped with same green ribbon from cork board that held favors and then a white card printed with menu item.

I still had extra fabric after making invitations and cork board and we were serving cupcakes even tho Natalie said she didn't like cupcakes. She's said they are messy to eat.  So I made cupcake picks.  I covered a 2" circle with the fabric in a button / rosette type look.  Then covered the front fabric bunch with a 1 1/2" white circle that I glued a 1" M and stamped with the mini J & N.  The J & N stamps were from a mini stamp set that I got in the $1 bin at Michael's. Steal!!

How pretty were the flowers.  Tina bought them a couple days in advance so they would be open day of.  Her MIL shared a neat trick tho that if you don't purchase in advance no worries use a blow dryer to coax open.

We had two dishes that were rings or circles and of course one had to be a giant diamond ring.  I printed a diamond clip art on white card stock, painted glittery clear glue over it, cut a slit in side of ham ring (Natalie's fav was honey baked ham) and stuck it in.  Simple and cute.

The other rav of the party was the mashed potato bar.  Again very easy to put together and served in martini glasses (shhh don't tell but the glasses were from the dollar store and the perfect green).  They made for a stellar presentation and yummy fav.

Everything turned out perfect and there wasn't too much food left.

Menu :

  • Buffalo Chicken Dip (there are many variations of this dip.  Tina had her own that included blue cheese)
  • Olive Cheese Spread (Tina's MIL made this and was delicious.  Want this recipe)
  • Mashed Potato Bar
  • Ham Ring (she told how to make this. seemed fairly simple. will have to get the recipe and will share once I do)
  • Veggie Tray with dip made from Greek yogurt and ranch dry dip mix
  • Chicken Enchilada Ring (recipe here)
  • Super Moist Chocolate Cupcakes (unfortunately just a box but were good.  I had made peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes out of Martha Stewart cupcake cookbook but they were a fail )
  • Cocktail weenies (that simple recipe that has been around awhile that is made with 1 c grape jelly and 12 oz of chili sauce)

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