Sunday, August 7, 2011

Natalie's Bridal Shower Invites

A couple weeks ago I created Natalie's bridal shower invites.  I wanted them to be unique and inspired by Anthropology.

I used a cute green and white print cotton fabric from JoAnn's. Cut out a square to size (5x7). Using a regular glue stick to attach fabric to card. I then took white card stock cut to 4x6 and stamped with a fork and spoon (Hero Arts from JoAnn's) and printed the wording. I glued that on and stiched it with a sewing machine on a plain stich with blue thread that matches her bridesmaid dresses. And that was that. 

The wording on the card is the following:

The ingredients for a successful marriage…

a whole lot of love, a dash of spice

and lots of answers to

"What's for dinner?"

Please join us for a Bridal Shower

in honor of

Natalie Olson

on August 27th at 1 pm

Please bring your favorite recipe on one of the enclosed cards and your recipe for a successful marriage on the other.

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