Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last weeks Quilting Mon... oh wait it was Wednesday last week

I have been a bad blogger this past week... was having to nurse my injury... ok not really.  I had a lot of things to finish for Natalie's shower as well as the tablerunners.  I did take a night to do some more of the quilt at Katrina's.

We began the sewing portion last week.

Katrina was enjoying herself.  I'm hoping it was my company but it was probably the music, Pistol Annies new and first cd, Hell on Heels.

It took a little time to do this step because we had to pin each strip.  We were suppose to iron in between each too but we determined that was not necessary and would take too much time.  I'm suppose to finish sewing all the strips by tomorrow so we can go on to the next step...eek better get on that between folding laundry, my pinterest addiction, walking the dog....

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