Sunday, August 21, 2011

Holy Jeans...Cheesy Casserole...

Jarad's favorite jeans had holes worn by the pockets and he asked if I could fix them. So after a quick google search I found this tutorial on a blog.  His jeans looked like this and there also was a smaller hole near the other pocket.

I made a little patch to reinforce the hole and the sewing.  I did a zig zag switch around the patch to help slow any fraying from washing and wearing.

I pinned it into place.

And sewed back and forth, back and forth with a zig zag switch.  My bobbin was green cause that's what I had already in the machine.

Close up of the stitching.  If I would have used white or denim thread it would be less noticeable but this isn't too bad either.

Jarad was pleased with the results and glad to have his favorite jeans in better shape.

His second request of the weekend was to make the pasta I made last Sunday.  Mom had told me about it and I found the recipe on several websites but ultimately used this one as my guide.  I added the crab boil as the author suggested.  I also added a bit of Tony Chachere Seasoning, mushrooms, green peppers instead of red peppers, water instead of milk.  I didn't think the Vanilla Almond milk I had in the refridge would taste good.  I also sprinkled a little parmesan on the top.

This casserole is very easy and good.  Will be making it tomorrow as well for Quilting Mondays.

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