Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We watch The Bachelor and the people in the show have a video montage of the beginning of their relationships. At Christmas, you get cards with newsletters inserted. They tell you what has happened in the last year and what they have planned for the upcoming year. We have MySpace and/or Facebook and people put their lives on there. People enjoy scrapbooking to make a snapshot of the major events in their lives. People take time to write in diaries. I at different times have tried all those mediums, well except the Bachelor although I did apply one time :-) and this Blog is an effort to combine all those outlets so that I have some place to document, share, understand, remember, etc. all the silly mundane things that happen, the monumental things, my thoughts and so on. It won't be scrutinized terribly for grammatical errors but simply a flow of writing. It won't be shared with everyone that I know but those that I feel will appreciate it. It may at times be very personal, ok maybe not because that's not me but it will be more than a post of pictures. It will tell a story not only of my life but those around me.

I have been wanting to put my thoughts and experiences in writing. So here is my effort and hopefully a whole hearted one.

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