Monday, March 9, 2009

Jarad's Birthday

Jarad's Birthday was last Thursday. We celebrated on Friday night at his favorite bar, Einsteins. Jarad had way too much fun and at the end of the night had some very entertaining convo topics. We talked about Oprah and her role in "purple nurple." I became appointed the Governor of State Parks but was tricked because Jarad was going to be my boss. He became boss because he did Ann Richards, which I had to regretfully inform him that she passed away last year. We also talked about Pres O. among many other topics. Oh the stories you have from ridiculously drunken nights (I remember it all because I wasn't drunk. Someone had to be the responsible one and get the birthday boy home safe.) All in all I think Jarad had a good birthday, who can complain when they got Cracker Barrel for breakfast day of your birthday and then go to your favorite bar the night afterwards. He's already gearing up for his "Dirty Thirty" party. I can hardly wait (insert sarcasm).

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